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Build an inclusive small business and change the world

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) support for small service-based businesses

You don’t need any convincing, do you? 


You want your small business to be inclusive simply because it’s important to you. That’s not even up for debate. 


And you get that it’s gonna mean rolling up your sleeves and ‘doing the work’. You’re totally up for that.


It’s just that…


You’re not exactly sure what ‘the work’ is beyond re-sharing posts and including pronouns in your bio. And you really (really) don’t wanna ‘get it wrong’. 


So, what now?!

I can help you pinpoint your next steps to building an inclusive small business. Take your pick:

60-minute DEI Dive

Got a specific DEI dilemma? Let’s untangle it together on a 1-hr Zoom call and get you on your inclusive way again. 


Here’s the kinda stuff you could hire me for:


  • Increasing diversity in your business

  • Reviewing wording on your website or a document 

  • Creating inclusive community guidelines

  • How to do the ‘thing’ without being performative


Have something else in mind?


If it’s one specific DEI issue, then go ahead and book 👇🏽

Here’s how it works:


  1. You book a time and include your topic on the booking form

  2. I’ll check that the topic is in my lane (it usually is)

  3. If it is, I’ll send you an invoice to be paid before the call. If it's not, I’ll try to help you find someone else who can help.


Full Biz Audit

I’ll scour your socials. I’ll comb through your website. I’ll rummage through your services.


I’ll tell you things you probably didn’t even know you didn’t know, and exactly what you can do to be more inclusive.


At that ‘no idea what to do next’ stage? I created this with you in mind. 


Here’s how it works:


  1. You fill in a deep-dive questionnaire

  2. I put my peepers all over your business

  3. You get a report of everything I uncovered along with  recommendations that fit your business.

  4. We have a one hour call to chat through your worries and questions. 


Some businesses need more digging to complete a full audit. I offer 3 tiers dependent on the type of business you run. 

Done for you services

e.g. website designers, brand designers, copywriters, VAs



Done with you services

e.g. coaches, mentors, consultants


Small teams (up to 5)



Payment plans are available to spread the cost over 2 to 6 months.

DEI sidekick (for as long as you need)

There’ll never come a time when you can say “DEI? Completed it, mate!”


I’ll be your steady support through tricky, ever-shifting DEI waters as we voyage towards a more inclusive way of doing business.  


If you’d say “I have some idea what I’m doing” even if it’s in the most hesitant of whispers, this might be the best-fit service for you.  


Here’s how it works:


  1. You fill in a deep-dive questionnaire 

  2. We’ll have monthly or quarterly calls (up to you) on a rolling basis

  3. We’ll have a shared space for all your DEI dumps - any time you have a question or idea you can deposit your dump and we’ll go through them together on our next call

  4. We’ll track your progress so you can see that, yeah, actually you are making a difference.

Monthly calls: 

£125 per month 

Quarterly calls:

£42 per month 

Here's where our work together can take you:

You’ll be so much clearer on what you need to do next.


No vague statements about listening and learning or doing the work here. Just real, concrete, tangible actions to kickstart your journey to an inclusive business.


You’ll feel more ready to put on your big brave pants and move into action


Knowing that, yeah, maybe you’ll ‘get it wrong’ sometimes because you’re human, but you’re able to roll with the discomfort anyway.


You’ll be better able to serve your clients.


And they’ll be better able to achieve what they hired you for. And you’ll be playing your part in setting a new inclusive standard in the small business world. Those ripples will keep on ripplin’

And the best bit? 👇🏽

You'll start changing the world with your business.

Untitled design.jpg

Meet your partner in tricky conversations

I’m Sim (she/they) 👋🏽


I’ve been doing DEI work since before iPhones and Instagram existed.


I’ve got an MA in Race and Ethnicity in one pocket, Feminist Coach training in the other, and a rucksack bursting with lived experience on my back. 


I’ve audited and trained big corporates with more staff than a football stadium, national charities, marketing agencies, political parties…


But my absolute faves to work with? 


Small service-based business owners (think coaches, copywriters, therapists, photographers, social media managers, VAs, business mentors) 


Because although we don’t have the resources of big businesses, we trump them with our agility and big hearts. 

Let's show 'em how it's done

Happy clients (with more inclusive small businesses)

"This is hands down the most valuable exercise you can do for your business. I've hired Sim twice for DEI services and I will 100% be booking in again. Not only do you come away having learnt a thing or 10 about how to *practically* be and do better when it comes to DEI in your biz, but you also come away filled with Aero-like bubbles of happiness because Sim is fun and makes every topic (yes, even the really hard 1s you kind of feel weird about/can't articulate) easy, accessible and exciting (yes, I'm not even joking) to navigate."

Nadia Amer, Copywriter and Business Strategist

Shall we? 👇🏽

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