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Put on your big brave pants and make your business better for everyone

Diversity, equity and inclusion support for service-based solopreneurs and small organisations

You don't need any convincing do you?


You know everyone wins when you prioritise DEI. You, your customers, your team.

It’s not even up for debate; you know in your bones that inclusion matters. 

You’ve been listening, learning, and maybe even made a few tweaks (pronouns in your email footer, visually diverse images on your website, that kinda thing)

So, what are you gonna do next?

Hello? Sorry, you were staring blankly. And I don’t blame you. 

There’s a whole internet full of advice to make your business more inclusive. It’s just that most of it is aimed at the big guys and isn’t relevant or feasible for you. 

I’m here specifically for the 95% of you who fly solo or are a small (but mighty) team. 

There’ll be no vague statements about listening and learning or ‘doing the work’ here. 

Just real, concrete, tangible actions to kickstart your journey to an inclusive business.

Tell me who you are and I'll tell you how I can help:

Meet your inclusion sidekick

Sim Fitzgerald - diversity, equity and inclusion consultant for small service based businesses.jpg

I’m Sim (she/they) 👋🏽


I don’t look old enough, but I’ve been knee-deep in DEI in one way or another for 15-ish years.

I’ve audited and trained big companies with more staff than a football stadium, national charities, marketing agencies, political parties…


And I’m bringing it all to you. Because whilst we don’t have the resources of big business, we trump them with our agility and big hearts. And that’s what’s really going to change the world.

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