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Diversity, equity & Inclusion audits for service-based solo business owners.

Let’s turn talk into action

You want your business to be inclusive. That’s not even up for debate. 


And you know you need to ‘do the work’.


It’s just that nobody is really saying what ‘the work’ is and you don’t know what you’re supposed to actually do beyond re-sharing posts and reading a book about it.


I can help you take your next steps towards an inclusive business

I’m Sim (she/they)


I’ve been doing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work since way before it was cool to be ‘woke’. 


I’ve delivered training for over 10 years. I’m a DEI Consultant doing audits for big organisations. I’ve got an MA in Race and Ethnicity, and I’m en route to my Feminist Theory Coach Certification. 


I don’t just have the on-paper credentials, though. I have 37 years' lived experience of being a brown sort-of woman in a world that’s hostile for brown sort-of women. 


I’m bringing all this to you, big hearted biz owner. Because we can change the world with our businesses. 

let me show you how...

DEI audit for your business

I’ll scour your socials. I’ll comb through your website. I’ll rummage through your services.


We’ll talk about your worries, your blocks and your barriers. 


And you’ll leave with 3 priority focus areas with recommendations of actions you can take. 


No vague statements about listening and learning or doing the work. 


Real, concrete, tangible actions to kickstart your journey to an inclusive business (and the confidence to just get on with it)

how does the audit work?


I’ll send you an in-depth questionnaire about your business. You fill it in and send it back to me within 2 weeks.


I’ll audit your business, including one social media account and one website. Within 2 weeks, I’ll send you a report with 3 focus areas and recommendations.

1:1 call

We can chat through any questions or concerns. No judgment, just compassionate accountability.

This is so much more than just putting images of Black, Brown, disabled or queer people on your website and social media. 


Inclusivity runs through every facet of your business. Your customer journey. Your networks and lead generation methods. The tools you use and the approaches you take. Your messaging, your content. Your investments and outsourcing. Even your ideal client. 


I’ll put my peepers on it all. 

This won’t be right for you if...

You’re doing it purely because you think you should. 


If you’re not willing to hear compassionate, but potentially uncomfortable feedback. 


If you’re expecting to be ‘done’ after this. The audit will help you take the first steps towards an inclusive business but it’s not the whole journey. That’s lifelong work. 

If you just want a pat on the back and a biscuit for being such a good ally. I already know that the audit will not confirm that you've reached the pinnacle of an inclusive businesses. 


If you have employees. This is for 'solopreneurs'. It's fine if you outsource work (e.g. you have a VA)

What Clients Say

"It's intense and uncomfortable and also really necessary and worthwhile and Sim makes it enjoyable! It's totally eye opening and made me think about things I hadn't even considered. Every business needs this because we all have a way to go to be more inclusive and Sim makes it super clear what and how to do this."

Laila Datoo, A Life More Mindful

price: £300
(or 2 x£150 monthly payments)

Raring to go? 80% sure but wanna check it’s right for you?


Just whack your details in the form below and I’ll be in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

I'll be in touch soon

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