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Inclusive Biz Foundations

Opt out of only serving people like you

Opt in to attracting more diverse clients who stick around and feel truly seen

The only customisable course and expert biz audit (all rolled into one) for service-based solo businesses. Next open for enrolment on 12th June. 

By clicking above, you’ll get the option to pay a deposit to lock in your space on the next release, or stay on the waitlist for remaining spaces. I only drop 6 spaces every 2 months, so I can give your biz the TLC it deserves.

£500 (payment plans available)

You don’t need a spiel about why your small business needs to be inclusive, do you?


You’re already convinced right down to your toes. 

You want every single person who comes across your business to stop in their tracks and think "this is for me too" especially people who are routinely excluded from the white, middle class women dominated online business space.

You want people to be able to get through the front door, feel welcomed and seen, and for your service to totally hit the spot for them. 

You know a rainbow logo, a corporate-speak diversity statement, or a 4-year-old BLM highlight isn’t gonna cut it. But what will?

And that’s the bit where you do a great impression of a deer caught in headlights. 


“Where do I even start? What if I say or do the wrong thing and cause more harm? Oh god, what if I get called out?! What if it comes across as performative? Shit, now I’m centering myself. Ok, come on, I should’ve done more already…so, where do I even start?”


Aaaand repeat. 

Hey hey, shhhhh. Sim's here now. It's all going to be okay. 

​This is for you if:

  • You already sell things. You’re a solo service-based business (think coach, VA, copywriter, etc) and you know what you do, who for, and have at least one service up and running.


  • DIY isn't working for you. You want a plan you can trust in that’s tailored to your biz, manageable, and reviewed by someone who knows what they’re doing.


  • You want to fix the right things. Guess what? Switching in pictures on your website isn’t the first step to a more inclusive biz. We do the serious deep work first, so your foundations are solid (not performative).


  • You want to walk the walk. You'll close the gap between what you say and what you actually do, so your values shine through your actions.

You already know this matters, and the stats back you up.


of consumers are more loyal to brands that commit to addressing social inequities in their actions 



of disabled customers with access needs will click away from a website that they find difficult to use.



of LGBTQ people took some sort of action after seeing an ad that they considered to be diverse or inclusive. 


If an online course and a 1-to-1 service had a baby, it'd look like Inclusive Biz Foundations

​Lessons tailored to your biz

Get a personalised DEI roadmap with actionable, fluff-free lessons that are relevant to your biz specifically.

Create a solid plan

Create a piss-easy to follow Inclusion Action Plan. You’ll know exactly what to do and when so you can boost your impact fast.

I'll review your plan

Get your plan reviewed by an expert, so you can feel more confident about getting it right.

Results in less time than it takes to cook a frozen pizza

There’s two ways you could spend 15 minutes. 


One is bunging a frozen pizza in the oven.


Two, is taking the first step to totally overhaul how you do DEI in your biz 


You know what? You don’t even have to choose. Chuck the pizza in the oven, and start fixing up your biz whilst it cooks.

But you do need to reserve a place to get started

In my first 48hrs of getting Inclusive Biz Foundations, I fixed more DEI issues in my biz than I have done in a year.

I’m a well meaning but extremely lazy person so it’s not that I don’t want to make changes, it’s that I need it made as easy as possible so I sit down and do it.


Inclusive Biz Foundations does this perfectly cos the videos are so quick and painless to get through, Sim's so good at making tricky topics easy to understand, so I just popped the videos on while I was fixing my website and writing an event page and I managed to launch a properly optimised event the same day I did the videos on accessibility!

- Nadia Amer, Business Strategist and Copywriter

If you don’t already get how easy this is, let me break it down

Step 1: lay the foundation

You’ll whack in some info about your biz and instantly get your personalised DEI Roadmap with actionable, fluff-free lessons that are relevant to your biz specifically.

Step 2: class is in session

Do the lessons listed in your DEI Roadmap. Each lesson is short and simple (mostly under 15 mins) with resources, swipe files and examples so you can apply it to your business more easily and quickly. 

Step 3: the action bit

As you work through the lessons, you’ll complete an Inclusion Action Plan. This is your plan of bitesize actions along with a priority rating so you know what simple things you can do, and when, to make your business more inclusive. 

Step 4: Sim looks at your bits (no, not like that)

Submit your Inclusion Action Plan to me for review. I’ll make sure it fits your business so you can be confident you’re on the right path. 


You’ll need to submit your plan within 30 days of purchase (but if you need longer, just let me know)

Step 5: roll it out

Confidently implement your actions and watch the diversity and glowing testimonials roll in.

But I won't leave you to fend for yourself

​You'll also get:

  • Bi-monthly co-working forever. Forever access to my free Inclusive Biz Co-working sessions (or until I choose not to run them) every other month, to make sure inclusion never falls off your to-do list.


  • More me. Less money for my time. The option to book a reduced rate (£150) one-hour Zoom call with me if you’re a chat-it-through kinda person. This is only offered once you submit your Inclusion Action Plan.

Here’s the full buffet spread (you’ll get access to learn all of this, but I’ll design a Michelin star worthy tasting menu just for you)

You might already be halfway to an awesome business, so while I’ve listed all the modules for you, you’ll get a custom roadmap showing you exactly what YOU need to do. So, no duplicate work, no spending time on stuff you’ve already fixed, no wasting time at all. Just pure 100% DEI juice.

Module 1: Finding you

  1. Broadening your network. A network of people like you attracts clients who are like you. In this lesson, we’ll change that.  

  2. Inclusive first impressions. Don’t let people click off before you even know they exist

  3. Accessible content. Make sure more people can engage with your content.

  4. Inclusive niching. Is it inclusive to only work with [insert demographic here]?

Module 2: Follower to buyer

  1. Communicating your inclusive values. Show your best-fit people you give a damn. 

  2. Inclusive content. Don’t give people the ick without even realising.

  3. Equitable pricing. Hitting that pricing sweet spot for you *and* your clients.

Module 3: Client experience

  1. Accessible services. You want your clients to be able to access your services, right?

  2. Inclusive services. Make your clients feel truly seen. 

  3. Inclusive frameworks. Myers-Briggs, DISC, PERMAH...whatever you use, make sure it works for everyone.

  4. Inclusive coaching. The stuff they don't teach in coach training.

  5. Inclusive groups. Bring your community on board and create safer spaces.

Module 4: Tracking progress

  1. Collecting data. Spot issues before they become big problems.

  2. Getting feedback. Measure your impact, keep getting better.

  3. Inclusive biz reviews. Keep the momentum going.  

Plus modules covering:

  1. Your DEI Commitments. Make more equitable decisions.

  2. Legal basics. Be confident you’re on the right side of equality laws.

  3. Moving alongside fear. Take action anyway

  4. WTF does that mean?! Demystify the things you think you're supposed to know, but don’t.

Tomorrow you’ll improve your biz, but what about 6 months from now?

  • Get more diverse clients.  Attract a more diverse pool of dream clients aka don’t just book people who are just like you.


  • Chief shit-giver status. Uplevel their experience of you and your services, establishing yourself as one of the few service providers that actually gives a shit.

  • Raise the bar. Be the person people DM and be like ‘I LOVED your booking form! I felt so seen’ and play your part in making inclusion the default in online biz.

  • Stop looking for stock images of marginalised people. Start catering to actual marginalised people. Get straight down to the actions that matter instead of tinkering about with busy work that's not moving the needle.​

  • Stop worrying about being performative, learn how to take action with your fear alongside you.

  • Bags of integrity. Actually be who you say you want to be.

Meet your inclusion sidekick

Sim Fitzgerald - diversity, equity and inclusion consultant for small service based businesses.jpg

I’m Sim (they/she) 👋🏽


I’ve been doing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work since before iPhones and Instagram existed.


I’ve got an MA in Race and Ethnicity in one pocket, Feminist Coach Theory training in the other, and a rucksack bursting with lived experience on my back. 


I’ve audited and trained big corporates with more staff than a football stadium, national charities, marketing agencies, political parties…


And I’m bringing it all to you. Because whilst we don’t have the resources of big business, our agility and big hearts is what’s really going to change the world.


I'll show you how in Inclusive Biz Foundations. 

Your approach is absolutely bang on for me, it's educational, approachable and fun. You have a skill for making a topic so many people are fearful to discuss really accessible. 

- Jools Aspinall, Business Coach and Mentor (did the previous workshop version)

POV: you've just hit the ‘buy now’ button

​You get:

  • Instant access to the course (with access for the course’s lifetime). The course includes your personalised DEI Roadmap along with all the lessons, and the Inclusion Action Plan template. 

  • Your Inclusion Action Plan reviewed by me

  • Option to book a one-hour call with me at a reduced rate

  • Forever access (or until I decide to stop running them) to Inclusive Biz Co-working every other month


All course videos have closed captions, a transcript and downloadable slides. 


If you have any questions about accessibility inside Inclusive Biz Foundations, ping me an email to

The investment: £500

Payment plans are available:

2 x monthly payments of £250 or 5 x monthly payments of £100

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