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Inclusive Biz Foundations

One workshop closer to a service that's better for everyone

From £300*

* £300 if you already have the Inclusive Content Toolkit. £345 if you don’t (but you’ll get one).

Payment plans are available.

You don’t need a spiel about why your small business needs to be inclusive, do you?


You’re already convinced right down to your toes. 

You want every single person who comes across your business to stop in their tracks and think "this is for me too" especially people who are routinely excluded from the white, middle class women dominated online business space.

You want people to be able to get through the front door, feel welcomed and seen, and for your service to totally hit the spot for them. 

You know a rainbow logo, a corporate-speak diversity statement, or a two-year-old BLM highlight isn’t gonna cut it. But what will?


And that’s the bit where you do a great impression of a deer caught in headlights. 


“Where do I even start? What if I say or do the wrong thing and cause more harm? Oh god, what if I get called out?! What if it comes across as performative? Shit, now I’m centering myself. Ok, come on, I should’ve done more already…so, where do I even start?”


Aaaand repeat. 

Listen, we can sort this out, ok?

What is Inclusive Biz Foundations?

Inclusive Biz Foundations gives you the know-how and the wraparound support to stop thinking about doing something and actually do something. 

We'll have a half day (3.5 hour) intensive Zoom workshop


Just you, me and three small service-based biz pals.


I’ll hold your hands and we’ll walk together through the fundamentals of making YOUR business inclusive.


No one-size-fits-all approach here, I’ll be creating something fresh for my four new inclusion BFFs. 


After the workshop, you won’t be left to navigate tricky terrain on your own. 


I’ll be there, keeping you moving in the right direction and making sure you don’t fall down a ravine (metaphorically).


Over four weeks, we'll have two 15-minute check in calls, just me and you


We'll chat about your workshop a-ha moments, what actions it spurred you on to take, and what action you want to take next. You can also ask me any questions so that you can be confident you're getting it 'right'.


The first call will be two weeks after the workshop, and our final call will be two weeks after that. 

Don't worry, the support won't fall off a cliff after your one-to-one calls, because you'll also get:


A forever invite to my bi-monthly client-only co-working sessions

So you can carve out protected time with me alongside you to answer questions. Because you and I both know that if we don’t put a date in the diary, it’ll drop off your to do list.


And if you don’t have it already, you’ll get the Inclusive Content Toolkit


The toolkit's like grammarly but for inclusion. It'll help you create content that shows your community you give a damn. 

Your approach is absolutely bang on for me, it's educational, approachable and fun. You have a skill for making a topic so many people are fearful to discuss really accessible. 

Jools Aspinall, Online Business Manager (OBM), certified Dubsado Pro and Productivity & Process Mentor

In Inclusive Biz Foundations, you'll learn how to:

Get your words right

Get clear on your biz mission and values around inclusion, and how to communicate them.

Create a better experience

Build inclusion and equity into your biz, including a walk through your client journey 

Flag the big issues

The key issues that are most relevant to baking diversity, equity, inclusion and justice into your biz

Move forward through fear

Find strategies and tools to build your confidence to take action, even when it’s bum-clenching.

Break down barriers

The diversity in your biz, what it says about the barriers for people and what you can do to address it

Stay on track

Because this is so much easier when you’ve got pals (and someone experienced) to keep you accountable.

Meet your inclusion sidekick

Sim Fitzgerald - diversity, equity and inclusion consultant for small service based businesses.jpg

I’m Sim (she/they) 👋🏽


I’ve been doing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work since before iPhones and Instagram existed.


I’ve got an MA in Race and Ethnicity in one pocket, Feminist Coach Theory training in the other, and a rucksack bursting with lived experience on my back. 


I’ve audited and trained big corporates with more staff than a football stadium, national charities, marketing agencies, political parties…


And I’m bringing it all to you. Because whilst we don’t have the resources of big business, our agility and big hearts is what’s really going to change the world.


Let me show you how in Inclusive Biz Foundations. 

How will it work?


You fill in a self-assessment questionnaire all about your business


I have a snoop and get to know your business and your key challenges. That will help me to tailor the half day intensive to what you collectively need


Whilst I do that, you watch two ‘WTF does that mean?’ bitesize vids so you’re clear on key lingo and concepts. That’ll mean we’re all on the same page before the big (half) day. 


We jump on Zoom for the half day intensive (yes, we have breaks).


You start putting your inclusion plans into practice and we'll have two 15-minute check-in calls in the four weeks after the workshop to keep you on track and for you to pick my brains. 


You can join my bi-monthly co-working sessions for as long as I run them so that inclusion never ever falls completely off your to-do list. 

Limited time investment but high-impact

Inclusive Biz Foundations will take around:

  • 45 minutes to an hour to fill in the questionnaire (I dive deep). You need to complete it two weeks before the workshop.


  • 20 minutes to watch the ‘wtf does that mean?’ videos (around 10 mins each) before the workshop. 


  • 3.5 hours for the workshop


  • Two 15 minute calls with me

Of course, you'll need to set time aside to work on the actions you've identified to make your business more inclusive, even if that's just: 

  • An hour every two months for co-working (if you choose to join us)

The workshop was so good especially if you have "taking DEI more seriously" on your to-do list but it keeps slipping down. Sim creates a really safe space to be really open about thoughts and feelings and I went away knowing some of the things I want to tackle next.

Katie Skelton, Founder of Little Green Duck

There are two prices, depending on whether you’ve already bought the Inclusive Content Toolkit.


Why? I can’t cover all the ins-and-outs of accessible and inclusive content in the workshop. And I don’t need to - it’s all in the toolkit. 


Together, Inclusive Biz Foundations and the Inclusive Content Toolkit will support you to put inclusion through the core of your business like a stick of rock.

Already have the Inclusive Content Toolkit?


For the workshop and wraparound support. 

You can pay up front or in 2 - 6 installments (£150 - £50 per month)

Need the Inclusive Content Toolkit?


For the workshop, wraparound support, and the Inclusive Content Toolkit.

You can pay up front or in 2 - 6 installments (£172.50 - £57.50 per month)

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