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Here's how I can support small organisations:

DEI 101 Training

This 90-minute interactive online session covers key DEI concepts so that everyone is on the same page.

After the session, your team will be equipped to have meaningful conversations about what you can collectively do to make sure your organisations truly values DEI. 

The Everything Audit

The audit is a comprehensive review of where you are with all things DEI.


You’ll leave with clear recommendations of meaningful actions you can take, along with priority areas, so you know your key areas of focus.

Something else?

If it’s DEI, in my zone of genius and sounds interesting, I do it! 


Here’s what others have hired me for:

  • Bespoke training

  • Consultation

  • Policy review

The Everything Audit

I’ll scour your socials. I’ll comb through your policies. I’ll rummage through your services. I’ll tell you things you probably didn’t even know you didn’t know, and exactly what you can do to be more inclusive.


You’ll end up with a report telling you what you do well and clear recommendations of meaningful actions you can take, along with priority ratings, so you know your key areas of focus.  


This isn’t generic, google-able guidance. It’s tailored to the specific context of your organisation and your work and lays the foundations to embed DEI into everything you do. 

How it'd work:

Self assessment

You complete an in-depth self-assessment questionnaire about where you currently are on your DEI journey.

Team feedback

I'll do short interviews with selected team members and/or run a survey (we'll decide this together) to get the team's feedback


I'll review everything, including policies, key documents, website and social media.



You'll receive your report with priority areas for development and recommendations, then we'll discuss it on a call

"The audit does a stellar job of putting the often intimidating and overwhelming world of DEI into the context of YOUR business in really practical ways. 

Sim is hugely knowledgeable, astute and KIND with their delivery of this sticky stuff."

Sam Kirk - Business Coach

DEI 101 Training

Get everyone singing from the same page and lay the foundations for the DEI journey ahead with this 90-minute interactive online training. 

Here's the kinds of things we can cover:


  • Defining key terms: diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, and what they look like in practice.

  • Who we need to think about in our DEI activities

  • Understanding systems of oppression: what they are, why they exist, and how might they be showing up in your organisation

  • The key principle of creating a more inclusive organisation

  • So what now? 


Don’t worry, I won’t talk ‘at’ you the whole time. I’ll also make space for you to talk about what it all means for you and your team. 

“Your training changed my perspective forever. You're a magician.”

Nyree Ambarchian - Co-founder of Jack & Grace

Want something different?

Longer? In-person? Bespoke? 

No problem! Let's chat it through.

“I can honestly say that in my 25 years as an HR professional this is the best EDI session I’ve attended.

Thank you so much Sim for such an informative and mind blowing session this week."

Sharon Wilson - Director, Positive Dynamics

Ready to focus on DEI?

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