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Hey, fellow solo biz owner! Here's how I can help you:

Inclusive Content Toolkit

A guide with all the whats, whys and hows to create accessible and inclusive content from your very next post and beyond


It includes all the things I look for when I’m reviewing content. Think of it as a downloadable DEI Consultant.

Inclusive Biz Foundations

The main attraction. The pièce de résistance. The ‘let’s go all in, and do it right’ option. 


In Inclusive Biz Foundations, you’ll weave inclusion through the core of your biz like a stick of rock. 


No head-scratching about what to do next. You’ll have a piss-easy to follow Inclusion Action Plan that’s unique to you and your biz, so ALL your clients can thrive.

60 minute DEI Dive

Got a specific DEI dilemma? Let’s untangle it together over Zoom. 


Here’s the kinda thing others have hired me for:


  • Reviewing your ‘new thing’ so that inclusion is baked in from the start

  • Reviewing your website and social media

  • Writing an inclusion statement for your website

Your approach is absolutely bang on for me, it's educational, approachable and fun. 

You have a skill for making a topic so many people are fearful to discuss really accessible. 

Jools Aspinall, Online Business Manager (OBM), certified Dubsado Pro and Productivity & Process Mentor

Lemme in your inbox?

My emails are where I share the nuanced stuff that just won’t fit into an Instagram caption, the navel-gazing identity stuff that I don’t want my mum to read, and the edge-of-my-knowledge stuff that I’m only brave enough to say to a ‘warm’ audience.

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